Share links from iOS Safari to a desktop browser, Pushbullet style

Share links from iOS Safari to a desktop browser,  Pushbullet style

Now that Pushbullet is unavailable on iOS, this is an alternative workflow I’ve been using to send URLs from iOS Safari to Google Chrome on my desktop computer.

My requirements for this are:

  1. The computer should not have to be awake when I share the link. The links should queue up and be processed once the computer is back online.
  2. The shared links should open automatically in the desktop browser, without any user interaction.

What you need

This is actually a generic setup I use for this kind of non-urgent “async job queue” where inputs need to be processed on my computer rather than be sent directly to an existing API.

The basic idea is to create text files (“jobs”) in a designated folder (“job queue”) in your Dropbox, which will be parsed and processed by Hazel whenever available.

How to set up

In the Shortcuts app on iOS, create a Share Sheet shortcut that takes a URL as input and appends it to a text file in Dropbox.

Screenshot of the shortcut recipe in iOS Shortcuts. Receive URLs from input from Share Sheet. Then, append the shortcut input to a file in Dropbox. The file path is set to "/Hazel/chrome_url" and the Make New Line option is enabled.

On your computer, set up Hazel to monitor files in that Dropbox folder. Whenever the file name matches, run a shell script, and move it to the trash when done.

Screenshot of the rule in Hazel. When name is "chrome_url", run an embedded shell script and move the file to the trash.

Your shell script could look something like this, where each line of the text file gets passed to the open command.

xargs < $1 -n 1 open
The shell script pasted in the embedded script popover.

And that’s it

You can now push links from the share sheet in iOS Safari to your desktop browser, just like you did with Pushbullet.

The iOS share sheet with a Pushbullet action.
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