Lena Morita is a software developer who is passionate about the open web. As a Senior Software Engineer at Automattic, she strives to build applications that are well-architected, inclusive, and performant. She particularly enjoys crafting experiences that are delightful for both the developer and the end user. In the past, she was a designer for nearly a decade in both print and UI/UX. She also proudly served as a Director (2018–2021) for the Tokyo chapter of Women Who Code, helping grow a vibrant, international community of women in tech.



  • 名前付け大全 – 英語の壁の克服 (All About Naming Things – Overcoming the English Barrier)” – A featured article in the web dev magazine WEB+DB PRESS, where I elaborate on the English-specific concerns of naming things.
  • 社会が見える英単語 (English Vocabulary as a Window into Society)” – A column in the pop philosophy magazine New Q, that looks into modern social issues through English keywords that are unfamiliar to the Japanese.

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