Slack Plugin for Keyboard Maestro

Slack Plugin for Keyboard Maestro

This is a handy plug-in action I’ve been using to post messages to Slack from Keyboard Maestro.

It makes it super easy to integrate automated Slack posts in your workflows, or even set up an array of bots with different names and icons.

Download on GitHub

Update (Aug 3, 2020) — My Keyboard Maestro actions are now hosted on GitHub. The rest of this page may be out of date.

How to use

Make sure you have an Incoming Webhook integration set up. If you don’t, make one. (The settings here don’t really matter because the target channel, username, and icon can all be overridden from the Keyboard Maestro action.)

  • Webhook URL: Paste the URL (…) here
  • Channel or DM: Choose a #channelname to post to, or a @username for direct messages (Tip: For testing purposes, put your own username here so nobody else will see the posts!)
  • Username: A name for your bot
  • Icon Type: Icons can either be an Emoji or pulled from a URL
  • Icon: If you chose Emoji in the previous field, put an emoji shortcut name here. Otherwise specify an image URL.


Drop the .zip file on the Keyboard Maestro dock icon to install. Requires Keyboard Maestro 6.


To update an existing action, remove it from the Keyboard Maestro Actions folder (~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Keyboard Maestro Actions) and reinstall the new version.


  • Escape double quotes in Username/Message fields
  • Preserve line breaks in Message field
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