Typing as a mindfulness exercise

Typing speed is one of those things a lot of programmers strongly dismiss as being highly irrelevant to overall productivity.

Yet there is a sizable contingent of tech workers that are passionate about their special keyboards, whether that be their custom rainbow LEDs, their ergonomic three-piece, or their 90 dB mechanicals. The time and money these people spend to find the perfect keyboard must be paying off in some way, and I have to presume at least some of that payoff comes in the form of a productivity boost.

Somehow there seem to be fewer moral objections against buying niche keyboards than there are against a programmer trying to improve their typing speed. Is this because keyboard hardware is more about enjoyment than productivity? If you spend an hour building a custom keyboard you’re a fun geek, but if you spend an hour trying to improve your typing technique, that’s stupid because typing speed doesn’t matter.

What if typing could become inherently more enjoyable by virtue of some intentional practice?

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手元を見ずにどれだけ正確に打てるのか試してみてほしい (Online Typing Tutor)


  1. 57 の記号順が完璧に記憶できていない
  2. 6 を左右どちらの指で打つのか定まっていない
  3. -= を打つときの小指がたまにブレる


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